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Welcome to LulyLash, where we help you beautify your already amazing self. Searching for a way to boost your confidence? Well, look no more! Our team of beauty professionals can offer you everything, from lash extensions and waxing to the best facial in Santa Monica and various other areas.

We started out small due to the determination and hard work of esthetician and entrepreneur, Luly. Today, we are an upscale and independent studio run by our in-demand lash and facial magician of a founder.

So, if you want a taste of the popular Los Angeles beauty scene and see what quality services all are about, come knock on our door! Beauty may be timeless, but your time to book an appointment is running out.

What are you waiting for? Get the best facial in Santa Monica and other nearby areas have to offer or explore the various types of lash extensions we have for you. The possibilities are endless!

Why LulyLash

LulyLash is dedicated to ensuring that you receive high-quality and professional services at our facility. No matter what you need, from waxing, and eyelash extensions to facial treatment, we strive to offer you exceptional customer service and individual attention.

Our premises have been designed to allow our clients a comfortable and welcoming environment. Rest assured, LulyLash is the perfect place to restore, revitalize, and refresh your face and body!



Our beauty specialists work with experienced estheticians to help you complement your lashes and bring out your healthy, beautiful skin. Here is all that we can do for you.

Lash Extensions

LulyLash is one of the top rated service providers where lash extensions CA are concerned because of our unique approach. We ensure that your natural lashes do not get damaged and allow you to reap the rewards of the latest lash extensions Santa Monica and nearby areas have to offer.


Do you want to retain your natural lashes but give them a little boost? Then, you need classic eyelash extensions. They create an illusion of a flawless coat of quality mascara on your curled, voluminous, and long lashes. You will be picture-ready all the time!


Our hybrid lash extensions include the application of thinner-diameter lashes to your natural ones. Lo and behold! You will have the fluffy and full lashes that you have always wanted. LulyLash employs top certified and licensed professionals who will give you the best hybrid lashes in the region.


Are you looking for feathery and fine lashes? Let our professionals handle your wispy lash extensions and give you a full look. Once they are done, your eyes will look better than ever before.


Volume lash extensions help you add MEGA volume to your eyes. They will stand out no matter which event you go to. Our eyelash extensions, Santa Monica, and other areas are also going to help you take some Instagram-worthy pictures for sure.



LulyLash’s team of skilled beauty experts delivers the best facials in the Santa Monica region. They strive to ensure that you walk out feeling more refreshed and youthful than you felt when you first knocked on our door.

Luly Signature Facial

The Luly signature facial is the best facial Santa Monica has to offer. It sculpts, lifts, and cleans your face, getting rid of all the debris. Our professionals will rejuvenate your skin and have it looking healthier than ever, all with the help of experienced specialists and state-of-the-art Sapphire 3 IonixLight.

Cool Peel

Does the texture of your skin worry you? Do you have blemishes or signs of aging on your face? Drain away all your worries and these skin issues with our Cool Peel. It gives your face some much-needed vitamin A and can be personalized to help achieve your individual skincare goals.

Back Facial

We don’t just take care of your face but your back too. Our services include reinvigorating and smoothing out tired skin and giving it a deep cleanse. Not only does it make you feel refreshed, but it also gives your body a healthy appearance too. You can now pose for the camera with a boost of confidence!


Do you have a big event coming up? A microchannel or a red-carpet-level facial is just what the doctor prescribed! Accentuate all the best features of your face by improving its elasticity and firmness. This is the best facial in Santa Monica delivered by beauty experts in California, and you should definitely get a taste of it.

Ionix Oxylight Facial

Our promise of unapparelled services to our clients means that we use non-invasive facial treatments to sculpt and lift the skin. This is why our experienced specialists bring in the Sapphire 3 IonixLight to give you a smooth finish and refreshed skin.

Ionix Oxylight Celebrity Facial

Much like our Ionix Oxylight Facial, the celebrity best facial in Santa Monica strives to rejuvenate and even out your skin. However, it also includes serums and masks and a whole routine to make you feel and look like a celebrity, from the inside and out.

Lash And Brow Services

Lash and eyebrow services from LulyLash are delivered with the help of top-notch equipment and the latest trends. You will walk out of our offices feeling and looking like a whole new person for sure!

Lash Lift

Our lash lift service gives you a refreshing and youthful look. You will not need lash curlers anymore!

Lash Tint

Wake up each morning with darker, longer, and fuller eyelashes. Let our professionals give you the best lash tint service in California and look more beautiful than ever before.

Lash Lift and Tint Bundle

Do you want the best of both worlds? Our lash lift service, combined with tinting, will give you a revitalized look and picture-perfect lashes for up to 12 weeks!

Brow Lamination

Experts at LulyLash will reshape, refine, and redefine your brows for a smoother and fuller appearance with our renowned brow lamination service.

Brow Tint

Do you want to accentuate your eyebrows for a big event that is coming up? Try out our highly skilled professionals and watch how they enhance, define, and shape your brows.

Brow Tint and Lamination Bundle

Give your brows a new look with our unique approach to brow tint and lamination. Get two for one with this bundle and get the most out of our beauty specialists.


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